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Short Haul
Multi-Stop (Milk Run)

Do you have a need for freight movement less than 200 miles?

We can provide a valuable solution for your need.  We understand the specialized needs of the short haul niche of trucking.  We we will exceed your expectations through on time service for pick up and delivery as well as immediate communication through out your shipment from start to finish.

Do you have several stops for pickup or delivery?

We also bring multiple years of experience in the milk run style logistics.  We can bring a seamless flow to your need for multi-stop pickup or delivery.  Along with providing consistent and accurate communication.  We have the experience to prove that our method of great attention to detail is need to complete your job with exceeded expectations.

GPS Tracking 

Do you have shipments that are communication sensitive?

All of our equipment is GPS monitored 24 hours a day / 365 days a year.  There is absolutely no guess work when locating your shipment we have the ability to provide minute by minute tracking.  You will never have a moment in which you loose the ability to coordinate your shipment from the arrival of our truck all the way through the final steps of delivery.

Our communication with our clients is second to none.  We can provide automatic emailed updates along with personal phone calls to update you at anytime during the transit of your shipment.


Have concerns in regards to the compliance or the trucking company you choose to handle your shipping needs?

With the constant updates that come from FMCSA we want you to have 100% confidence in our level of compliance.  We take great pride in our clients knowing that we have implemented ELogs in 2012, long before the ELD mandate was in place.  We will continue to evolve and stay current will all changing regulations that are placed.  We believe that our level of commitment to compliance and safety will award us your trust that we are the trucking/logistics company to transport your shipments.

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